Erasmus Student Network is Europe-wide student organization. Its goal is to support and develop international student exchange programs, especially Erasmus Program. Organization motto is: "Students helping Students".

The main activity of ESN is carried on the three levels: international, national and local.

Main goals of ESN International:

  • Representing interests of the exchange students toward the relevant institutions;
  • Project development at the international level;
  • Supporting national sections;

Contact to the board of ESN International

Main goals of national ESN sections

  • Co-operation in nationwide projects and events including Discover Europe photo competition, ESNOLYMPICS sports tournament;
  • Cooperation with the National Agency responsible for the Erasmus Program

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Main goals of local university sections:

  • Activities in the interest of exchange students (Mentor Program);
  • Supporting the integration of exchange students and re-integration of students who return after exchange programs;
  • Representing the requests and expectations of these students in universities;
  • Providing the necessary information about academic exchange programs;
  • Contribute to the development of various international exchange programs;
  • Co-ordination of national programs (ESNcard - discount card; ESN Travel - trips; Tandem - Language Learning) at the local level.

Contact to the board of ESN Olsztyn