What is it?

The ESNcard is the membership card of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). It gives you access to all the services offered by ESN and all our partners. With the ESNcard, you will enjoy plenty of discounts - housing, sport, food, bars, etc.- all over Europe. You will also have the opportunity to participate in hundreds of events with your ESN section and other sections around your destination country, and even beyond, for the period of your membership.

The ESNcard is valid for 12 months and only valid with a photo and correct personal data. The card is strictly personal and cannot be used by somebody else than the cardholder.


Who can get the ESNcards?

The ESNcard is used by over 140.000 people per year in 40 countries, and the numbers are growing every year. You can get the ESNcard, if you belong to one of the following groups :

  • You are currently on exchange
  • You are a member of an ESN section
  • You are a Mentor/Buddy (contact your section for a Mentor's code!)


How does it work?

GET YOUR ESNcard in one of our sections.​

REGISTER at esncard.org

READY TO ROCK! Check discounts!



Our partners

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Ryanair supports Erasmus students by offering

15% DISCOUNT in 8 single flights + FREE

LUGGAGE with your ESNcard!



1. Go to myRyanair and sign-up (or log-in if you already have an account).​

2. Add your details in the "Erasmus" tab of your myRyanair dashboard.

3. Make sure that they match your ESNcard user profile data (use the same names, pay attention to typos, etc.). 

4. Wait until your ESNcard and other details are validated. This is not live validation, so it might take a few days.

5. Once it is validated, use the booking widget at the bottom of the Erasmus section of your myRyanair dashboard to make your bookings at a discounted rate. Only bookings made using this widget will be considered for the discount, so make sure you do not use the normal booking engine of Ryanair or any other booking systems.​


FlixBus and ESN are joining forces: 

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20% discount on your next trips in Poland. 

15% discount in Italy. 

10% discount in Germany. 


 You can check all the discounts at: esncard.org