MENTOR – What is it all about?

The MENTOR Program was created thinking about those who wish to help new Erasmus students acclimatize to Poland, from the very beginning of their stay. According to the motto of the student organization Erasmus Student Network (ESN) – “Students helping students” – a mentor is a patient person, who can listen and likes to help others.

What do you have to do, to become a Mentor? First of all, you have to complete the application form, which can be found on the Facebook page of ESN Olsztyn, where we give all of the most important information (name, e-mail address). Sometimes you can even decide from which country you would like your Erasmus student.

I’ve completed the form, what now? We wait for a response, in which we receive all important information about our new Erasmus student, as well as the steps we should take. Caring for an exchange student is not only a responsibility, but also a great way to have fun. First of all, and most importantly, we must contact our student. We have to find out when and how they are coming to Poland. After receiving this information, we have to plan our time so that we can collect them from the airport and help them get to the place where they will be staying. It pays to be patient, because Erasmus students can have a lot of questions and doubts. They might ask the same things a few times. For the students it will be as much of a stressful situation as it is for us. It is important to help them with registration at dormitories or at the apartment. We have to remember that they cannot speak as fluently in Polish as we do ;)

I’ve collected my Erasmus, helped with accommodation and that is the end of the adventure? Absolutely not! Now you can show your Erasmus how well you know the city. Where is the best place to go for Polish pierogi. Where is the best panoramic view of the city. Where are the best concerts in the city. From that moment, something special will start. Step by step, day by day… something is created that nobody will be able to take away from you. Your FRIENDSHIP! Every day, it will become even stronger. Later, even though you will be separated by kilometers, you will always be close. You started the adventure as Mentor – Erasmus. Now you are finishing it as best friends for years…

If you would like to know the taste of the international exchange without leaving the country, contact us: